High Tower

Naoto Fukasawa

The simpler things seem, the more complex they must have been to design. Naoto Fukasawa’s innovative designs of familiar objects are based on his close observations of how we use things in our everyday lives. Rather than focusing on the objects in isolation, he considers how they relate to their surroundings.

These reinventions of everyday objects have made him the most influential Japanese product designer, a true “designer’s designer”, admired by colleagues all over the world.

Born in 1956 in Japan, Fukasawa graduated in Product Design at the Tama Art University. After working at IDEO in the USA for seven years, Fukasawa was then appointed director of IDEO Japan. In 2003, he found­ed the Naoto Fukasawa Design studio. Professor Fukasawa has won some 50 awards and is author of the important book “An Outline of Design”.