Why do we recommend using pre-approved textiles?

We believe the specification process should be as easy and streamlined as possible, all while achieving the highest possible level of quality. The truth is, not all fabrics perform well on all products - given individual design lines and upholstery processes. And we want to make sure that the HighTower products you specify look their best. Our Pre-Approved Textiles list was created to do just that - by providing recommendations for textile application based on our experience with textiles on our products.

Testing Fabrics

We consult with the leading textile companies to review new products as they are released, to determine which HighTower products will upholster well with each of the unique fabrics.

We are also happy to test fabrics as requested. If you would like to include a fabric in our review process, please send your request to: [email protected].

Or you can make a testing request directly through your Project Manager.

Yardage Requirements

Yardage requirements are based on the use of 54 in. wide, plain goods.

Fabrics of narrower widths and/or which involve matching repeats will require additional yardage. Please contact HighTower Project Management for specific details: [email protected]

HighTower’s fabric application default is railroad. Stripes will be applied vertically unless our customer indicates otherwise. In the absence of speci c cutting instruction, HighTower will cut fabric at their discretion following these guidelines.

Fabric Groupings

Note here that not all fabrics will belong to a specific group (for instance the kona line), so tell people to also check product pages. This is an edge case. Please download the Fabric Groupings chart here.