We are proud to offer our clients well-designed, well-produced, healthy furniture. We work diligently to reduce the amount of chemicals of concern in the production of our products.

Many of our factories are ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) certified for meeting & exceeding international standards for processes related to quality control, customer satisfaction and minimizing the environmental impact.

Our products are designed and produced to have the longest life span possible. We feel this is a crucial element in reducing our environmental impact.

Some products have spefiic environmental information. Please refer to the individual product pages for product-specific details.

Wooden Raw Material

Wood is a renewable, CO2-neutral raw material. We do our best to ensure that our timber comes from controlled and certi ed forests where the natural ecosystem is respected. We strive for FSC or PEFCcerti ed woods. The majority of our plyboard, chipboard and MDF comply with the E1-standard (emissions of formaldehyde less than .12 mg/m3).


All steel components can be recycled, and in most cases, separated from the product without the need of special tools. We offer some products with 99.9% recycled conent based on weight (Ruby Tables, Ayre Bench).

Because most of our furniture is subject to high-use, public environments, a protective chrome  nish is applied in order to maximize the life-span of the product. We use Chromium III (3-valent chrome), which is considered to have less impact on the environment and fewer health risks. Chromium parts can be recycled. We DO NOT treat our products with Chromium VI (6-valent) chrome.


At every stage of production, we use glue that has the least amount of impact on the environment and the greatest stability, strength and durability.

PVAc-glue, a water-based adhesive, is most commonly used in HighTower assembly.

When gluing foam, we use a variety of glues, but where it is technically possible, hot melt adhesive is used.


Nearly all of our upholstered products are built around a high-resilience foam center. Molded foam frames often contain a wooden or steel infrastructure.


Our best-selling Four Cast series uses a Polyamide seat shell (PA6 reinforced with  berglass) that can be granulated and used in new shell production.