You might want to sit down for this.

You might want to sit down for this.

Relax...this is good news! We know you love our in-house designs, including their comfort, simplicity, personality, and details that surprise and delight. It’s time to give these popular pieces a fresh look. Introducing Hightower Studio, our own, in-house collection of furniture made for multiple spaces and always made to work for you.

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Illustration of Amelia Illo
Hightower Studio logomark

Meet the new 9

Introducing a refreshed palette of powder coats and paints, developed in collaboration with a color expert. Which hues will you choose to stand out from the crowd?


Lilac Chalk

Mist Gloss


Light Sienna Gloss


Light Rattan Gloss

Khaki Gloss

Navy Mood

Meet the team

“Relationships and collaboration,” two motivators our Design Director Shawn Sowers was most excited about when deciding to join Hightower. After success working in Europe and with leading international companies, Shawn heads up our design team focused on Hightower’s growing house of brands, including our own Hightower Studio collection.

Meet the team that makes it happen

So, what's all the excitement about?

These faves now have a fresh look, new imagery, and visuals to inspire you with ideas for personalizing Hightower Studio designs. We are including a completely new range of color options, a stronger emphasis on sustainable products and practices, and we’ve added our own in-house design team, who will add exciting new favorites and bring you unique variations of the pieces you love.