Our Team

Kaye Jones

High Point

“I work with beautiful people who make beautiful things!”

Originally from Tennessee, Kaye keeps all the trains running on schedule in our Accounting department. With an MBA from High Point University and a successful 20-year career in the textiles industry, Kaye spent years leading finance efforts at Steelcase. We are fortunate she brought her knowledge, as well as her love of people, to our High Point, NC offices. Kaye is a skilled relationship builder, interacting with employees, customers, vendors, and suppliers. Kaye credits the contract furniture industry, (specifically the craftsmanship she sees first hand at our manufacturing facility) as shaping her passion for design. “I love innovative products and the idea that we are bringing people together to collaborate.”

Out of the office Kaye is mostly likely to be found reading, gardening or even reading about gardening!

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