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Our Team

Julia Wallis

Kansas City

“Working in the design industry with creative, outstanding people who love what they do... what could be better?”

California-born, raised on the Kansas side of KC, Julia has the unique and valuable skill of hearing what clients sometimes don't say. Her studies in public relations (Julia earned her BA in PR from Kansas State University) contribute to Julia's exceptional people skills. A love of design, color, and fashion inspired Julia to continue her education; she has an MS in Marketing for Apparel and Textiles as well. A devoted traveler, Julia hopes to visit every continent on the globe saying, "Yes, even Antarctica!"

Julia believes the best part of her job is having the opportunity to learn more every day about the A+D industry and all the innovative individuals that make it up. As Julia puts it, "There are some seriously amazing people and projects out there and it is exciting to be a part of it."

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