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Trend Spotting: Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018

February 12th 2018, by Hightower


Straight out of Stockholm, our Sales and Marketing team shares a little trend-spotting from the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

Sound Off // With office floor plans being more open than ever, the need for sound management is greater than ever. From gorgeous wall-paneling and wood wool tiles to "soundsticks" made of leftover upholstery rolls, there was solution after solution to help transform the sound and sights of any space.

Touchy Feely // Leather, velvet, marble, woven cane. The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair was a textural experience filled with old-world craftsmanship and high-end materials that added depth and richness to everything from side chairs to side tables.

Pink is the new Black // Love it or hate it, pink isn't going anywhere. The "Millennial Pink" we've been seeing pop-up all over has been replaced by its more modern, older sister "Blush Pink." Accented with deep wine, terracotta and the occasional salmon, blush pink was the color story throughout each and every stand. (Even presenters were using the palette throughout their PowerPoints!) It was moody. It was warm. It was pink. Some contrasted the dusty pastels with a pop of deep emerald green or navy and others explored tone-on-tone, layering warmth and richness throughout their spaces.

Power Up! // It's not necessarily news that we're all addicted to our devices. Technology isn't a trend. It's a standard. And, designers have taken notice. Seating and tables alike provided the opportunity to plug in and power up. We'll remain technology agnostic for a variety of reasons, however, we recognize this direction in the industry and will continue to find solutions that are accessory based - like our design partner, Most Modest.

Gather Together // Throughout the show, nearly all elements were dedicated to bringing groups together. From conference-style seating to informal meeting areas, it was clear that no single piece acts on its own. The intent is to create an environment where relationships are built and ideas are born.

Did you attend the Fair? Are there trends you spotted? Let us know! Drop us a line here anytime.