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Restoration in west Alabama

March 20th 2019, by Hightower


We are excited to announce the grand opening of the new Faunsdale Community Center by Rural Studios! Rural Studios is an off-campus design-build program out of Auburn University. Founded in 1993 by D.K. Ruth and Samuel Mockbee, the program gives architecture students design and construction experience while helping an underserved population in Hale County, located in west Alabama. Since its 1993 founding, the program has constructed over 200 spaces within Hale County. Rural Studio's design ethos is "everyone, both rich and poor, deserve the benefit of good design."

In 2017, the students began to tackle the refurbishing of Faunsdale Community Center, which was originally constructed in the early 1900s. The center will serve the community as a space to hold after school tutoring, music classes, and local celebrations. We were excited to donate 32 FourCast®2 Chairs and 8 FourCast® tables. The FourCast® collection of products were selected because they're extremely durable and mobile. The chairs are stackable and can easily be stored away when more space is needed. Similarly, the tables are foldable and have integrated casters, easily moved by one person. The Community Center is a multi-use space, so it was important the furniture was flexible, based on event needs.

All of us here at Hightower are thrilled with how the space turned out and we feel honored to have participated in such a remarkable and important project for the entire community. Learn more about Rural Studios, including how you can be involved, on their website ruralstudio.org

Original building that was a doctor's office then a town hall before becoming the community center.

Existing material was salvaged as much as possible. The back of the building required a complete tear down due to structural issues. Students cleaned and repurposed the bricks.

Photography courtesy of Faunsdale Community Center Design Blog.

Steel windows were fabricated by Auburn University alumni Cassandra Kelloggand and Zane Morgan, owners of Blackshop, a high-end steel design and fabrication studio.

A pickling wash was applied to the plywood interior to reduce yellow tones in the wood. A series of bulbs were installed in the entryway nook to give off an abundance of warm light and make the space feel more intimate.

Our Director of Sales, Monique Lecomte, attended the installation of the FourCast®2 chairs and tables.

Pictured above: Monique with students who lead the Faunsdale Community Center project; John Sydnor, Anna Daley, Grant Wright (not pictured),and Jenny Lomas.