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NeoCon 2019

June 12th 2019, by Hightower


We are so honored by the response of our first ever NeoCon show! For months, our team has been busy planning an experiential space for you to enjoy. Our intention is simple yet thoughtful: we want visitors to feel intimately immersed in the Hightower brand. Our space was designed by Casey Keasler of Casework. Casey understood our collection’s aesthetic; pieces for today’s hospitality, educational, and work spaces where lines of corporate and residential are blurred. Find a cozy area to call your own and hang out! Unexpected details, especially chosen to welcome, surprise, and delight you are around every corner.

Image of two women speaking with a group of people around a rounded bar. The women are standing and the people they're speaking to are sitting.

Kitchen Bar featuring terrazzo from Concrete Collaborative and our Suspence light pendants.

Our kitchen was created to capture the essence of friends gathering and was designed to host our customers and clients.

Image of Hightower's showroom kitchen. The kitchen has a rounded bar and an arched alcove behind the sink. There are barstools around the bar and white pendants above.

Our freshly launched Nadia Counter Stools surrounding the terrazzo bar.

Women with apron setting up for an event at Hightower's showroom. The space includes a booth with chairs, pendants, and small tables.

FourLikes (coming soon) lines our hall with our Atlas Pendant (coming soon).

Welcome to the workspace of your dreams: some of the most supportive, functional seating imaginable–including highly flexible configurations in full scale, paired with power-enabled lighting and accessories that inspire fun and curiosity.

Image of Hightower's showroom with a pale peach colored sectional, two Lamino chairs with white sheepskin, and two Amstelle Poufs. The room has a white rug and wood floors.

Front room features our Boxplay Sectional in an entirely new scale. Accented with the Brasilia Table, Lamino Chairs, and Flower Side Tables.

A relaxed, asymmetrical family of pieces, this robust yet elegant sofa easily becomes a room centerpiece. We’re showing Boxplay in an entirely new way; customized in a sumptuous, woolen upholstery textile. Please inquire for more information.   

Informal lounge set up in Hightower's showroom. The display includes two Savannah chairs, a For Now sofa, and three Nest Wood Tables.

Back seating area features Savannah Chairs with For Now Sofa and Nest Wood Tables.

Soft curves and elevated details define this Scandinavian collection of soft seating, warm, solid oak tables, and plush, room-defining privacy screens.

Image of the entry to Hightower's showroom. The room includes three sets of Libri Bookshelves, two Gimbal Lowback Rockers, two Pond Tables, and two gold Calabash Pendants.

Gimbal Low Lounge Rocker Chairs and Libri Book Shelves.

Seating that must be experienced welcomes you surrounded by soft, organic shapes in lighting and tables plus accessories that show a playful side.