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More light = more productivity + better sleep?

March 19th 2018, by Hightower


A recent piece by Fast Company Design revealed new research from Michigan State University concluding more ambient (close to natural as possible) light in office settings may create a more productive workforce. The study also concluded spending time in dimly lit spaces may negatively impact the ability to learn new things and how information is remembered...yikes!

We are fully on board with the science that backs up our physical need for more natural light, so we’re showing some offices ahead of the curve using a few of our favorite lighting designs. As the exclusive North American distributor for Fritz Hansen Lighting working with some of the best lighting designers in the world, we understand the importance of light to a space and to the soul.

For Square’s San Francisco HQ, Architectural & Interior Design firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson incorporated our Aeon Rocket pendants, known as the first pendant in history to take full advantage of the luminous qualities of metal and polypropylene in a single design. Aeon gives this open space a lofty, cloud-like look with its gauzy lower shade carefully woven together to create round openings, allowing the light to stream through, pure and unhindered.

Global design firm Unispace included plenty of creative lighting in their design for Slate Magazine’s NYC offices including our Bulb Fiction. Slate required an open, social vibe for its high-energy workforce. The playful grouping of Bulb Fiction shown here defines the space distributing the soft, comfortable light for multiple users to enjoy.

Gensler’s reimagining of the Santa Clara Shutterfly offices opened everything up “allowing daylight to permeate the entire space” according to their design profile in Office Snapshots. For work areas requiring additional illumination, our Caravaggio Opal pendants provide warm and ambient light from every angle through the translucent, hand-blown glass shade.

Productivity and better health are great reasons to include more illumination in your workspace, especially as we shake off  dark winter days. We know you have favorite Hightower lighting designs and we’d love to see them on Instagram or Pinterest. Be sure to tag us @hightowergroup and keep those lights ON!