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Declare Label for Kona Wood Tables

May 4th 2022, by Hightower


Transformation Through Transparency

In another step forward in our ongoing sustainability efforts, Hightower is thrilled to have received its first Declare Label for our Kona Tables and Kona Laptop Tables with wood tops. Not sure what that means? Keep reading!

Q: What is a Declare Label?

A Declare Label is a transparency label that discloses what a product is made of. Think of it as a nutrition label for furniture. Every single material present within a product at more than 0.01% must be listed. This requires manufacturers to work diligently with their suppliers to disclose each component in their materials.

Q: Why does this matter?

Often, certifications will tell you what is not in a product, but rarely are consumers given full visibility into what goes into a product. Declare solves for that. Additionally, with the ongoing growth and focus on sustainability in the market, “greenwashing”, or implying sustainability without actions to support it, is a problem that continues to arise. With a Declare Label, we’re laying our cards on the table for all to see.

Q: How does this label help with specifying projects?

Products with Declare Labels contribute to LEED, WELL, and the Living Building Challenge in a way others do not, helping to meet project requirements.

Q: Where can I learn more about Declare Labels?

The Declare program is run by the International Living Future Institute. You can learn more about the program and other eligible products on their website here.

Q: Where can I learn more about Hightower's sustainability efforts?

Head here to learn all the ways Hightower is committed to material transparency and our other certifications that help contribute to a more sustainable future.

laptop table with declare label

Click here to read Hightower’s press release about Declare.

Click here to view Hightower’s Declare Label and to learn more about Declare and the International Living Future Institute.