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Accessories for Spring? Ground breaking…

March 26th 2018, by Hightower


There are ‘trends’ and then there are true movements. Evolutions that represent a new and significant shift. Human-focused workplace designs continue to evolve and we’re excited about being on the front lines, working with remarkable product designers all over the world who study the way we sit, move, gather and create. All with a focus on solving workplace problems in a clever way. 

We’ve spotted some of these pivotal pieces in human-focused workplaces that not only make a design statement to those visiting the space, they provide solutions for the people who work there. These accessories become anything but ancillary. 

Texture + Sound Absorption: 

NBBJ’s design for Seattle Children’s Research Foundation reflects the organization’s goal of distinguishing itself  as a global healthcare leader yet it also serves another important purpose: attracting bright, skilled talent to an institution continually at the forefront of groundbreaking discoveries. The updated reception area shown here includes the installation of twenty-four clear, lacquered birch Hightower Sono panels. Sound absorbing with a soothing, natural aesthetic provides a warm and calming area for both workers and guests.

UNstationary Workstation Helpmate:

Take a former mannequin factory, completely convert the interior to include highly functional, human-focused designs, modern artwork (alongside vintage) and what do you get? The new San Francisco offices of Clever designed by Boor Bridges – an on-brand vibe and clearly a cool space to spend your 8-5. Our Kona Laptop Tables show up here, giving employees in this casual culture any number of options for their workspace. Since Clever’s mission is to improve education through the use of technology, we love the way the designers used our Kona laptops for both functionality and to make a brand statement. Think of these little beauties as more than a steady sit for laptops. Since they move so easily around the office, you’ve got a statement accessory for note taking or report organizing, for a conference call or video chat– with enough room for the all-important cup of coffee.

 No-brainer Brainstorm Partner:

Ideas can pop up anytime so collaborative writing spaces should be easily accessible! Flexibility for the user is just one reason we love how our Chat Boards are shown here; open yet semi-private team meeting nooks with a Chat Board built in and at the ready for the next big idea (or a little creative down time).  Since our boards come in mobile versions and a wide variety of colors and sizes, this very human-focused accessory seems like a no-brainer for just about every brainstorm.

Accessories can serve as the functional link to larger office anchors, making them more interesting, more approachable and even multiplying user options. Room to play with color and texture gives designers a chance to have some fun. Helping our A+D friends put their signature mark on spaces with our accessories keeps us always on the lookout for fresh, unexpected pieces that make a space. Keep those Hightower accessory posts on social media coming!  Be sure to tag us on Instagram or Pinterest @hightowergroup.