High Tower

Jonas Lindvall

After attending the HDK in Gothenburg, The Royal College of Art in London and the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen, Jonas has become a prominent and successful figure in furniture design and interior architecture in Sweden. With a distinct and subtle expression his works speak to a timeless-ness, simplicity and elegance.

Several pieces of furniture designed by Lindvall have been awarded the honor "Excellent Swedish Design" and are represented at The Victoria an Albert Museum in London, Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Mori Art Center in Tokyo and on the Swedish embassy in Berlin, to name a few.

“I believe that we live under some kind of resonance law. Surroundings, rooms, furniture and things – they all have an effect on us. In this play, that is our life, the stage has to agree with the way we want to feel – but also affect the way we feel.”