High Tower

Jo Hammerborg

Johannes (Jo) Hammerborg grew up on the outskirts of Randers and studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In 1957, he was hired as chief designer at the lamp manufacturer, Fog & Morup, where he worked until 1980.

He was a pronounced idea man and entrepreneur, who throughout his life, was a driver of things he was passionate about. It was under his leadership at Fog & Morup that the company experienced their most creative and commercially successful period. With distinct design philosophy, great insight in illumination technique and a profound understanding of form, function and aesthetics, he created over 180 different lamp designs – several of which have received international awards.

In his private life, Jo Hammerborg was an active and very versatile athlete who, along with his professional career, was also a pioneer in parachuting and flying. In tragic manner, it was his great passion for skydiving which cost him his life when, at the age of 62, he died in an accident.

And now, decades later, his coveted lamps are high in demand and being sold in antique shops. In 2013, it was again finally possible to buy a newly manufactured Jo Hammerborg lamp.