High Tower

Cecilie Manz

Born in Denmark to artist parents, design has always been a part of her life. She graduated from the design school Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen in 1997, having spent a short time in Helsinki as an exchange student studying at the Finnish School of Art and Design. She worked briefly in Professor Yrjo Wiherheimo's studio in Helsinki before returning to Copenhagen where she founded her own Manz Lab in 1998.

Today in her own design studio, Cecilie Manz strives to combine conceptualism with the Danish penchant for durable materials and sublime, craftsman-like finish. As she puts it, new products should either be innovative and rejuvenating, or offer improvement, in order to earn recognition. Thus, in her pendant designs she has worked to develop designs that do not steal attention from the light, but ensure that function always prevails. Cecilie Manz has established herself as one of Denmark's most prominent designers. Her work within furniture, glass, lighting and ceramics has achieved international success and is sold and exhibited all over the world.

"I design things that have a meaning to me. My general idea is always to have a clear argument legitimizing the designs that I make. Function is essential, and if I cannot formulate a good reason for a new product, it is better to refrain from making it."